LMD-Tools 8.09, ElPack 6.09, SyntaxEdit 1.24 available [Update]

May 18, 2008

Several LMD-Tools 8.09 SE versions were compiled accidently with Trialcheck (see About Box of any LMD component to check). If your version is Trialversion, please redownload. Sorry for any inconviences.
Several LMD 2007 installers were updated. New versions are:

LMD-Tools 8.09
LMD ElPack 6.09
LMD IDE-Tools 1.12.20
Besides bugfixes major change is integration of LMD LogTools API for advanced logging features in connection with our upcoming LMD AnyLogger project. A Technology Preview of LMD AnyLogger is available at public download area, section Freeware.
More infos about LMD AnyLogger until final release can be found here: LMD AnyLogger Tutorial.

Other relevant changes in:
LMD SyntaxEdit 1.24

Review changes on history page.
Updated trialversions and freware SE versions are available in public download areas as well.

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