LMD AnyLogger Technology Preview

May 14, 2008

The first Technology Preview of our upcoming LMD AnyLogger project is available for public testing at public download area, section Freeware.

Documentation is not included yet, but until final release additional information can be found here: LMD AnyLogger Tutorial.

The API is already included in all recent LMD-Tools, ElPack and IDE-Tools relases, but can be downloaded separately as well.
The LogConsole/client part of the LMD AnyLogger package allows to visualize, filter, store and export logging data you have generated with AnyLogger libraries included in your application. At a later time additional support libraries for different languages and platforms will be available, This first technology Preview supports all Borland/CodeGear IDEs Version 5 and higher, .NET, core C(++) and Java libraries will follow in future versions.
Please note that the client GUI part is very raw yet (several functions/features do not work at all, e.g. graph visualizations). We invested much time in a very rich and feature enabled logging library and its visualization. The GUI will be heavily improved in the next betas, for now we are interested in experiences with the core logging library and whether everything works as expected.
This preview supports local transports and simple targets (files or “live logging”) only. Future versions will support more advanced transports (TCP, sockets, etc.) and targets. The AnyLogger client is designed as open system, which can be extended via custom Plugins. Several basic PlugIns can be already tested in this release.
There will be several editions of AnyLogger, the most basic version (local/live logging, simple targets) can be expected as free Add-On for future LMD-Tools/ElPack/IDE-Tools packages - therefore all LMD VCL 2007 releases from 14-May-2008 on include the complete AnyLogger support libraries.
Please report your experiences and suggestions in the .lmdtools group on the public LMD Newsserver. At a later time, when release date comes closer, a separate AnyLogger group will be added.

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