New quote feature on order page / LMD 2020 downloads

Companies requiring a formal quote before ordering can now request a formal quote on order page (instead making a direct order on the second order page). This quote is valid for 14 days and can be converted into an order any time within this period.

Besides that we added on user request LMD 2020 trials for all major products on download pages for pre XE2-releases. As we mentioned earlier LMD 2020 releases will be still under support for a while for pre XE2 IDEs.

ANN: New LMD 2021.1 platform release available!

New LMD 2021.1 installer are available now in customer and public download areas.

Review changes of this release on history page. This is a service release which contains several enhancements and additions

General changes of the LMD 2021 platform release can be found on LMD VCL What’s new page.

ANN: New LMD 2021.0 platform release available!

New LMD 2021.0 installer are available now in customer and public download areas. Please note that almost all executable demos in public download area were updated and several demos were added (e.g. precompiled Anylogger demo in VCL Complete section). GIT access for LMD VCL Complete 2021 user is available now - please make sure using the new repository URL (available in your customer area).

Major changes in this…

Support of LMD 2020 release / Access to previous versions

As announced, the LMD 2021 platform release only supports Delphi / C ++ Builder / RAD Studio XE2 or higher.
We would like to point out that, in contrast to previous version changes, the previous version 2020 will be supported until further notice and we will publish hotfix versions (no feature updates) at least until the end of 2021. Subscription customers of the VCL Complete versions can still receive them afterwards (GIT repository or via source code deliveries).

Please note:
A current…

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