Trialversion FAQ


Trialversions, helpfiles and demo projects can be used free of charge for testing and evaluation purposes (as long as you want. No time restrictions apply). For each IDE a specific trial version exists, so please make sure that you download the correct file for your Delphi/C++Builder/Rad Studio IDE. Helpfiles are included in separate installers.


Use setup.exe to start the installation program and follow the instructions. The installer tries to install package and help files automatically.
Please read _README.HTM after installation. If installation fails, this document contains important information to work around any possible problems. The file contains also infos about manual installation of the controls.
Additional infos about installation can be found on our Dev Wiki:

Trial Limitations

The components in trial editions are identical to the registered versions except that they are only usable while Delphi or C++Builder is running as well. Hence any application created with components of trialversion will only run when launched from within Delphi or C++Builder.

1. Make sure that your IDE has latest Service Packs installed.

  1. If you used any previous or other release before: Please uninstall this version COMPLETELY to avoid problems caused by mixing up different versions.
  2. Latest LMD releases can not be installed at the same time with another LMD 20XX release package in one IDE (e.g. LMD-Tools 7.X (SE)). Only packages of the same platform release version number can work together (e.g. LMD-Tools 2021 and LMD ElPack 2021).
  3. Please note that LMD Trial will NOT work in any Delphi/C++ Builder Trialversion! Reason is the different DCU signature of Delphi/C++ Builder trial releases against full versions.


To remove any LMD trial package from your system completely follow the directions below.

  • Close all files and projects and and select “Components|Install Packages…”.
  • Select all LMD VCL packages from the Packages list and click the “Remove” button.
  • After that remove all LMD VCL paths from the global library search path (Options|Environment Options in the Tools Menu. See either ).
  • To uninstall helpfile from the IDE check the \help\bdsXXXW folder below installation directory and run RegHelp2 /u from command line (XXXW specifies the BDS version, example is BDS4) to remove the particular help files from IDE. This is only required when automatic installer failed to remove helpfiles.

Removing LMD-Tools files completely from your hard disk
After uninstalling the components from the CBuilder IDE/Delphi you may remove the component files physically:

  • Open the Add/Remove Programs icon from the Control Panel and double click the “LMD VCL Complete 2018” (or similar) entry.
  • All the DCUs/object and backup files have to be removed manually from the IDE-Tools’ uninstallation directory. As a rule the installation directory won’t be deleted during the unstallation because such files will be generated while you work on the Tools but - for safety’s sake - won’t be deleted automatically by the uninstaller. Alternatively: Use the Custom Uninstall method in Uninstaller application and select always all options - this will remove complete paths including generated files. We recommend to use the second way.
  • Remove all dcllmd*.* and lmd*.* files from the \projects\bpl (and \projects\lib in CBuilder) folders below your CBuilder/Delphi installation folder. If you had chosen to install runtime files into system directory, remove all lmd*.bpl packages from the System directory of your Windows installation. To be sure search harddisk for these files and remove them all. Do not remove license files or registration utility from the system directory.
  • Make sure that you did not compile LMD files into a custom package!
  • Possible registry keys can be found under:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LMD Innovative\LMD-Tools 2021and
      Remove them if you don’t want to use LMD 2021 products any longer.

Redistribution Notes

This file may be redistributed freely as long as the included Exe-installer remains unchanged.

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