LMD WebPack

Latest Version: 2024.3


LMD WebPack is a collection of 10 native VCL components that can be compiled into your application royalty free. The included controls help you to integrate advanced webbased features like applications updates via internet, display of news items, scanning of web sites or single HTML pages. Two internet access frameworks (MS WinInet or Indy) are supported. Release 4.0 introduced integration into the LMD shared runtime packages and improved VCL.NET compatibility.


  • 10 components for advanced webbased tasks;
  • Contains controls for WebUpdate or WebNews functionality, HTML or WebSite scanning;
  • Supports Indy or WinInet framework (WinInet is used by default, e.g. for compiled versions);
  • Full sourcecode of library;
  • Extensive demo projects with sourcecode
  • Free updates via Internet
  • A Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location
  • Free technical support via forum (forum.lmd.de), e-mail, fax or mail
  • Available as part of LMD-Tools or LMD VCL Complete.


LMD News demo

The TLMDWebNews and TLMDWebNewsView controls can be used to integrate news dialogs into your applications (to present endusers company, product or any other kind of information). The news are stored in XML format which can be either loaded automatically from your (or any other) web site or which can be stored locally

HTTP Scan demo

TLDMWebHTTPScan represents a powerful search component to analyze HTML pages (e.g. from a web site) and reports all found links (e.g. images, audio files, etc.). This component can be used to recreate the structure of a web site within a tree - as demonstrated in HTTP Scan demo


Add automated web update functionality to your application
Use TLMDMapiSendMail for simple e-Mail messaging using a MAPI capable email-Client.
Use this component to provide enduser the news and information about your product or company like e.g. the Delphi IDE does (see "Delphi News" functionality). News items are read from the Web out of XML-files.
Use TLMDWebConfig component for specifying global available internet configuration settings(e.g. Proxy pr password settings) for several WebPack components.
Component to retrieve any file from the web. Furthermore it is able to download complete HTML files along with its graphics.
Component for parsing HTML Tags of an HTML file. Either an HTML file is loaded or a StringList property is filled. Comments, scripts, imagetags, blocks, text and many other items are detected by triggering events.
TLDMWebHTTPScan represents a very powerful search component which recursively analyzes HTML pages (e.g. from a web site) and reports all found links (e.g. images, audio files, etc.). This component can be, for example, used to recreate display the structure of a web site within a tree.
Use this component to get access to simple RAS functionality.
Like TLMDWebNews, but complete user interface is provided. Simply call Execute method and all other things work automatically.
Use this simple control to retrieve information about current internet connection.

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