News (1998)

  • LMD Innovative licensed Toolbar 97 components from Jordan Russel Software for bundling with LMD-Tools packages.
    The license agreement covers all versions 1.X of ToolBar 97 and allows the bundling of this component set with current LMD-Tools packages (from version 4.X Standard / Professional).
    Besides the agreement allows LMD Innovative to create descendants which support LMD-Tools specific features. Such descendants of ToolBar 97 components can be expected in the next major LMD-Tools 4.X update.
    The original ToolBar 97 package is available for download from the protected download areas.

  • New files in the protected download areas (4.X):

    • Final release of LMD-Tools available in the protected download areas (CBuilder 3, Delphi 3/4).
      Check history notes for final version.
      Check history notes for version 4.0 R2.1.
      Check history notes for version 4.0 R2.

    New files in the public download areas (4.X):

    • New updated Trialversions of LMD-Tools for all supported versions available. The new trials solve the version conflict problems of the previous release! Read product information for more infos about changes and improvements since LMD-Tools 3.

    Register your update now! Use the fax order form to order directly or order online via NetSales.

  • New files in the public download areas (4.X):

    • Trialversions of LMD-Tools 4.0 R3 for Delphi 3/4 available.

    New files in the protected download areas (4.X):

    • LMD-Tools Version 4.0R3 available in the protected download areas (CBuilder 3, Delphi 3/4). Bugfixes, minor enhancements and improved helpfiles only.
  • New files in the protected download areas (4.X):

    • LMD-Tools Version 4.0R2.1 available in the protected download areas (CBuilder 3, Delphi 3/4). Check out the history notes for changes since the last release.

    Due to a problem with the new server several results of the feedback forms (e.g. mailing list) did not reach us. If you filled out such a form and you received no confirmation page you should repeat the corresponding action.

  • New files in the protected download areas (3.X):

    • Version 3.5.12 of LMD-Tools (source only) fixes minor problems which were discussed in the LMD-Tools Newsgroups
    • We added a new automatic installer for Release 1 of LMD-Tools 4 for Delphi 4
    • A preview of WPTools Light for Delphi 4.
      Besides you should visit the new WebSite of WPTools 2 (this is the full version) by Julian Ziersch:

    The release 2 of LMD-Tools 4 will be available for registered 4.X soon.

  • Because of a problem with our previous provider our domains LMD.DE and LMDTOOLS.COM were not accessible from 01-Aug-98. Please note that all sent emails did not reach us (please resend them all). We apologize for any inconveniences this problem may have caused.

  • The LMD Innovative office moves to a new location (within Siegen)! Therefore the office is closed from 07/26/98 to 03/08/98.
    Please note:
    Email traffic will be monitored in this time, however please allow us more time as usual to answer any requests.

  • New files available in the protected and public download areas: Version 3.50.10 of LMD-Tools is available! This update fixes several minor bugs. Besides demonstration projects for CBuilder 3 and updated helpfiles are available.

  • New Web Site design!
    Take a look at all overworked pages and tell us what you think about them.
    Visit the LMD-Tools 4.X Survey Page - help us to decide which new features we should implement in the upcoming version of LMD-Tools.

  • New LMD-Tools 3.5X Trials (for all Delphi and CBuilder versions) available in the Public Download Area! New LMD-Tools information materials in the Product Section.
    Registered user find current versions of this free update (for all 3.X user) in the Protected Download Areas.

  • New pricing structure for LMD-Tools. Check Order Information Page for more details.
    Your chance: Order your copy online from NetSales or Register Now! until 15-Jun-98 and pay up to now valid prices ($99 Standard / $169 Professional) only!

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