RoadMap for LMD-Tools 2003 release dates

June 25, 2003

Available now:
LMD SearchPack 2 (Pro/CE)
LMD SysPack 2 (Std/Pro/CE)
LMD WebPack 3 (Pro/CE)
LMD DesignPack 2 (CE)
LMD StoragePack (CE)

Expected for week 29
LMD RichPack 3 (Std/Pro/CE)
LMD ShellPack 3 (Std/Pro/CE)

Expected end of July/beginning of August
LMD-Tools 7 Core (Std/Pro/CE)
LMD TextPack 7 (Pro/CE)
LMD BarPack 1 (CE)

In brackets: LMD-Tools 7.0 Suite in which mentioned package is included. If you order an update to version 7.0 or a full version now, you certainly receive access to those parts which are already finished immediately.

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