LMD VCL RoadMap / Tiburon support

July 21, 2008

This text should provide you a short overview about releases you can expect in second half of 2008. Currently we are preparing to release soon the first packages based on the new LMD2009 core. This new core provides following major changes:

  • Improved shared Unicode support. For existing IDEs, but also in preparation for upcoming CodeGear IDE releases with native Unicode support. We intend to support the next Delphi/C++ Builder releases (codename “Tiburon”) very shortly after the official release.
  • Complete Rework of Themes support. After we received criticism for support of *.MSStyles in LMD 2007 core, we changed theme support drastically: All LMD-Tools and ElPack controls share now unified ThemeMode properties and can be controlled globally. Besides that support for any custom themes via MSStyles is still optional, but can be enabled/disabled dynamically. No more Theme switches and recompilation of library code, but a separate package which you can decide to use or not at runtime. E.g. creating applications which automatically use *.MSStyles themes on non-themed platforms (like Win2k) and system themes on themed platforms (like WinXP/Vista) is now a snap.
  • Several new (e.g. PluginPack) or updated Standalone Packs (SyntaxEdit, ScriptPack, WebPack, etc.)
  • Delphi/C++ Builder 5+6 and Delphi 8 support will be dropped. Besides that Windows 95 support will be no longer tested.

Major Release Schedules for LMD VCL(.NET) products

  • August 2008
    Release of LMD Innovative VCL packages based on LMD2009 core for Delphi 7, Delphi 2005, BDS 2006 and CRS 2007 (Delphi, C++ and Delphi.NET personalities).* Shortly after next Delphi/C++ Release (“Tiburon”)
    Release of LMD2009 based packages supporting the upcoming CodeGear Delphi/C++ Builder release.* End of 4th quarter 2008
    Release of major Service Pack for LMD 2009 based packages. Besides several new controls and package enhancements a bunch of new global lighweight themes will be added (e.g. Office themes).Beta releases will be soon available. New packages and complete feature set will be announced first half of August on our web site. Besides Subscription users all customers who purchased a license after 1st July 2008 are eligible for a free update to LMD2009 based packages. If you have further questions please discuss them in our public newsgroups or mail us.

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