Info: Special LMD-Tools/LMD ElPack offers [Update]

August 25, 2003

Special offers are valid from today until 20-Oct-2003:

1. Existing LMD-Tools customers
LMD-Tools 5.X - 7.X customers (any full version) can purchase any LMD ElPack package for the price of an update version (check order page). If you are not sure whether you are registered as LMD-Tools customer, please contact us before a purchase.
If you are LMD-Tools customer and if you own already a previous ElPack license, please contact us for additional discounts. Also send us email, if you own LMD ElPack and you wish to crossgrade to a LMD-Tools package (please mention desired version).

2. LMD-Tools CE releases (or CE Updates)
[a] LMD-Tools CE including LMD ElPack Professional license (Full Version): US-$ 349
[b] LMD-Tools CE including LMD ElPack Professional license (Update): US-$ 249
Updates are possible from any LMD-Tools 3.X - 6.X full version (except SE).
[c] If you are already LMD-Tools CE customer please contact us. The additional LMD ElPack Professional license can be purchased for EUR 50.

3. LMD-Tools CE SiteLicense Any LMD-Tools CE SiteLicense order (3 user, unl.) until 20-Oct-2003 includes free LMD ElPack Professional SiteLicense.

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